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GSplit can split any file, even extremely large files, in any number of ways including by user-defined sizes or predefined sizes, by spanning across a number of removable disks/media, by number of desired pieces, or even by number of individual lines or occurrences of a pattern in the file.




"Everything" is an administrative tool that locates files and folders by filename instantly for Windows. Unlike Windows search "Everything" initially displays every file and folder on your computer.




ExtremeCopy is a Windows copy file utility that copies and moves files and folders extremely fast and simply. It includes some powerful features such as pause copy process,error recovery and so on but as easy as Windows default copy handle.




Mirror is an easy to use tool that duplicates a folder structure to a new location. Quick and handy, Mirror works with any hard drive or removable media that your operating system supports




Hard Drive Powerwash FREE will clean your hard disk by removing file clutter from your system drive, from external drives or from network drives.




Caterpixer allows you to easily rename files in many folders and to copy files you want to a separated folder.


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