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SysPad provides a folder management and scratch pad window at a clicks notice.



FolderPad: A folder management window

  • Easily access common system locations (e.g. My Computer, Control Panel, etc.) with the buttons on the left of the window
  • Easily manage folders on your PC or mapped network drives from a context menu
  • Manually add known locations that you can't find in the Folder browser.
  • Give meaningful names to these locations so they are easy to find in the list, and change them if you want
  • Sort the entries in the list, putting your most used paths near the top (or bottom)

TrayPad: A scratchpad window

  • Save notes as you type; easily find notes that load everytime you load Windows
  • Highlight a URL and right-click to go to the website using your favorite browser
  • Rename and Organize the tabs so you know exactly where your notes are
  • If you program, export the selected tab to Notepad++; even select the syntax highlighting before exporting
  • Save or print the contents of the currently selected tab

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