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Create Syncronicity 3.5



Create Synchronicity is a powerful and lightweight open source synchronization and backup tool.


Create Synchronicity is packed up with useful features:


  • Fully customizable synchronization, including:

- synchronize some folders only, or synchronize folders contents without synchronizing subfolders.
- Full regexp support for files inclusion/exclusion
- 3 synchronization methods: Mirror, One-way incremental, Two-ways incremental
- File hashing



  • (v3.5+) Full scheduling support (daily, weekly, monthly, at a particular time, etc.)


  • Nice user interface


  • Complete preview support


  • Support for multiple profiles


  • Fully portable: settings are stored in a single config file


  • Advanced features:

- File hashing, various comparison options
- Time offsets, to compensate for wrong DST settings
- Loose timing: allow file time to differ by a few seconds
- Multiple file systems support (all the ones supported by Windows)
- (v3.5+) Native support for UCN (network) and relative paths
- For terminal/command line lovers: support for command-line arguments

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