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WildSpeller 2.2




WildSpeller is a spelling aid that finds words matching a pattern using wildcard.  Includes a dictionary with about 144,000 English words.


WildSpeller is an English spelling aid for Windows. WildSpeller can help when you know how to spell part of a word.



  • Type the word, using wild cards "*" and "?", into WildSpeller. Asterisk (*) replaces any number of letters, including none; question mark (?) replaces exactly one letter.
  • Click once and you have a list of words.
  • You can select a word and copy it to the Windows clipboard with a double-click.
  • If you use no wild card, WildSpeller will list words that sound like what you spelled.
  • WildSpeller knows over 144,000 English words, including American, British and Canadian spellings.
  • preserves the text entry when a history item is selected.

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