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Praat 5.131



Praat can analyse, synthesise, and manipulate speech.


The following gives you an idea of the features of the Praat program.

Speech analysis:


  • spectral analysis (spectrograms)
  • pitch analysis
  • formant analysis
  • intensity analysis
  • jitter, shimmer, voice breaks
  • cochleagram
  • excitation pattern

Speech synthesis:


  • from pitch, formant, and intensity
  • articulatory synthesis

Listening experiments:


  • identification and discrimination tests

Labelling and segmentation:


  • label intervals and time points on multiple tiers
  • use phonetic alphabet
  • use sound files up to 2 gigabytes (3 hours)

Speech manipulation:


  • change pitch and duration contours
  • filtering



  • easy programmable scripting language
  • communicate with other programs
  • (the sendpraat source code)
  • create hypertext manuals with sound I/O



  • high quality for your articles and thesis
  • produce Encapsulated PostScript files
  • integrated mathematical and phonetic symbols

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