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HTML help authoring, PDF and web-based documentation generator.



Generate help files in various formats from a single source.


  • CHM: Compiled Microsoft Windows HTML Help;
  • HTML: Complete web help optimized for easy online browsing and search engines;
  • DOC: Complete help documentation as a Microsoft Word document or RTF file;
  • PDF: Standard Adobe portable document format documentation for easy sharing and printing;

Complete WYSIWYG editor with advanced formatting and layout capabilities.


  • Advanced paragraph formatting: alignment, indentation, line spacing, tabs and text flow;
  • Advanced font customization: character spacing, offset, scaling, superscripts and subscripts;
  • Extensive image format support: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO, EMF, WMF;
  • Advanced table support: cell padding and spacing, alignment, customizable borders and fills;
  • Complete live spell checker with custom dictionaries and automatic corrections;

Uncluttered and intuitive user interface.


  • Table of content editor with instant reorganization and customization;
  • Extremely fast topic creation, deletion and customization;
  • Advanced keywords editor: easily attach keywords with topics, categorize and manage them;
  • Automatic Topic ID and Context number generation;

Writing and integrating help files has never been easier thanks to HelpNDoc's advanced functionalities.


  • Live external document import: the document will be imported when the help file is generated;
  • Project or user defined variables: the variable will be replaced when the help file is generated;
  • Project-wide efficient find and replace tool: find a sentence and replace it by a variable;
  • Multiple language code generation: C/C++ headers, Delphi units, Visual Basic and Fortran modules to ease help file interaction;
  • Extensive command line support to pilot HelpNDoc from an external application, an automated processing or a batch script;

Free for personal use only.



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