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Multiple Image Resizer .NET v2.8.0.2



Multiple Image Resizer .NET is a batch image processor.



Batch Image Processing Features


  • Resize images
  • Rotate images
  • Flip images
  • Add borders to images
  • Add text to images (including file and Exif information)
  • Crop images
  • Overlay / Watermark images with another image


Other Features


  • Flexible command line batch image processing scripting engine
  • Preview of unprocessed and processed images
  • Ability to save and load image processing settings
  • Ability to alter the order in which batch processing features are applied to images
  • Customisable user interface
  • Fully integrated help documentation
  • Check for updates feature
  • Multi-language - English, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, Portuguese, Czech, Galician, German, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Greek, Catalan, Polish, Turkish and Arabic


Supported Image Files


Multiple Image Resizer .NET can open images in 28 image formats, and save processed images in 16 image formats:


  • Windows Bitmap (.bmp) - [Open and Save]
  • Dr. Halo (.cut) - [Open]
  • DirectDraw Surface (.dds) - [Open]
  • Enhanced Windows Metafile (.emf) - [Open and Save]
  • Exchangeable Image File (.exif) - [Open and Save]
  • Graphics Interchange Format (.gif) - [Open and Save]
  • High Dynamic Range (.hdr) - [Open and Save]
  • Windows Icon (.ico) - [Open and Save]
  • Amiga IFF (.iff) - [Open]
  • Deluxe Paint (.lbm) - [Open]
  • JPEG Network Graphics (.jng) - [Open]
  • JPEG Format (.jpg, .jpeg, .jif, .jpe) - [Open and Save]
  • Commodore 64 Koala (.koa) - [Open]
  • Multiple Network Graphics (.mng) - [Open]
  • Portable Bitmap (ASCII & Binary) (.pbm) - [Open and Save]
  • Kodak PhotoCD (.pcd) - [Open]
  • Zsoft Paintbrush PCX Bitmap (.pcx) - [Open]
  • Portable Graymap (ASCII & Binary) (.pgm) - [Open and Save]
  • Portable Network Graphics (.png) - [Open and Save]
  • Portable Pixelmap (ASCII & Binary) (.ppm) - [Open and Save]
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd) - [Open]
  • Sun Rasterfile (.ras) - [Open]
  • Truevision Targa (.tga, .targa) - [Open and Save]
  • Tagged Image File Format (.tif, .tiff) - [Open and Save]
  • Wireless Bitmap (.wbmp) - [Open and Save]
  • Windows Metafile (.wmf) - [Open and Save]
  • X11 Bitmap Format (.xbm) - [Open]
  • X11 Pixmap Format (.xpm) - [Open and Save]



Note:  Commercial use requires a paid license.




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