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JpegExpress 2.0



With JpegExpress, one can load a bitmap (.BMP) file or a jpeg (.JPG) file and produce a new JPG file smaller in size.



Often, when trying to save, in Windows, a BMP image in JPG format, the loss of quality is notable. You should opt for specific software applications to guarantee a size compression with no loss of quality, and this is the precise aim of Jpeg Express.


Jpeg Express lets you increase or reduce the size of any JPEG or BMP digital photo, always adjusting the compression level you will get. For this it uses a compression parameter that, if it shows 100%, shows an image with the best quality, and 0% is the minimum size quality. Thanks to Jpeg Express you´ll never get another nasty surprise when adjusting image quality.




  • The compression ratio can be adjusted while visually looking at the future result.
  • Both the original picture (BMP or JPG) or the modified picture (JPG) can be losslessly rotated by steps of 90°




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