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Prevent 1.0



If you don’t want anyone deleting or renaming or messing around with your data then Prevent may be able to help you. This application prevents cut, paste, copy, delete, re-naming of files & folders.




Prevent :


  • Stops Cut
  • Stops Paste
  • Stops Copy
  • Stops Delete
  • Stops Copy To
  • Stops Move to
  • Stops Send To
  • Prevents renaming

Disables Task Manager’s End Process button. Also it doesn’t allow you to right click on process name and click on end process. It also grays out the context menu items, disable Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V and/or stops the process.


To uninstall or remove Prevent, use the Uninstaller situated in the Prevent folder, or uninstall it via the Control Panel or simply delete its Program folder.















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