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Winamp Media Player 5.57


A popular, fast, flexible high-fidelity music player for Windows. Winamp support MP3 and MP2 audio with it s native Nitrane high-performance decoder as well as CD-audio, MOD, S3M, IT, XM and even SID audio formats.

Winamp supports more than 10000 interface skins , 300 visualization plug-ins and CDDB for automatic CD audio title listing. You should pay attention during the install, as WinAmp will install several promotional icons (AOl, eMusic), unless they are unchecked from the list during installation.


Winamp plays Layer 2 MPEG audio streams as well as the newer Layer 3. The latest releases of Winamp also offer support via plug-ins for additional audio formats like Windows Media Technology 4.0 (WMT4), AAC digital audio, CD audio (direct/indirect modes), WAV, RealAudio, AU, VOC, and AIFF.


Audiophiles out there who need quite a bit more out of their players will appreciate the abundance of features in Winamp that you won't find elsewhere.  Even if you've never been that interested in music, once you experience the full range of capabilities offered by MP3 and Winamp, you'll quickly find yourself becoming an initiate audiophile.



Word of Warning - pay close attention to this screen when installing to ensure that you only install Winamp: 












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