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Crimson128 is a really simple tool which makes file encryption and decryption a breeze.

Encrypted files can only be opened with a passkey used to encrypt the files. In addition to that, Crimson also supports any types of file for encryption, making it a really useful tool to have on your computer.


It is easy to use and configurable, great for both occasional and frequent use. Crimson supports hardware keys, so you can use very strong passwords/passphrases without the need to memorize or type them everytime.


Crimson common features:


  • Simple operation.
  • Works immediately. No need to spend time configuring before the first use.
  • Supports hardware keys. Quicker operation and more security at the same time.
  • Supports split hardware keys. Even more security.
  • Mandatory key strengthening. Prevents dictionary attacks.
  • Custom file extensions.
  • Encrypts and decrypts files of any type.


The program does not support x64.







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