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Pixelformer RC3


Pixelformer is a bitmap editor, specifically optimized for creating, modifying, and converting small and medium-sized images, such as icons, buttons, avatars, web graphics, game graphics, etc


Pixelformer is faster, smaller, easier, more precise, and often more efficient than large bitmap editing tools; at the same time it is more powerful than any classic simple icon editor.

Pixelformer can be a complete solution for those who need to create, edit, resize, or convert icons or other small images. Even if you prefer to create graphics in some sophisticated high-end image editor, Pixelformer would be a useful tool for doing final tweaks, conversions, and optimizations.


The main features of Pixelformer are:


  • no restrictive limits for image dimensions
  • support for different color depths up to 32-bit RGB with alpha channel
  • semi-transparent colors
  • multiple layer support
  • free-form masking
  • in-place supersampling
  • lossless target color depth switching
  • independent access to color and alpha channels
  • support for multiresolution icons
  • dynamic palette generation
  • multiple file format support
  • icon extraction capability
  • PNG size optimization
  • Vista icon optimization
  • alpha premultiplication
  • deep undo buffer


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