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FBLook 1.0


If you are an Outlook user, you probably have it open all the time. Now you can update your Facebook status, see your friend statuses and see the number of new requests without having to open the browser or any other applications. FBLook seamlessly integrates Facebook into Outlook.




  •  Update your Facebook status directly from Outlook.
  •  Set your status to the name of the song you're playing in iTunes or WMP.
  •  See your friend statuses.
  •  See notifications of new Friend Requests, Messages, Invites, Pokes, etc..


Configuration and Setup

After you install FBLook, you will have to tell Facebook that you want to allow FBLook to access Facebook on your behalf. Facebook has a fairly intricate way of doing that, which will require you to flip between Outlook and the browser a few times. After you click FBLook's "Login to Facebook" button, FBLook will display several messages to guide you through the process. That process consists of three or four steps. But don't worry; you'll have to do that only once. After you login and tell Facebook that you allow FBLook to update your status, it will be smooth sailing.

FBLook System Requirements


  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 with the latest Service Pack.
  • Outlook 2003 SP3, 2007 SP2.
  • FBLook does NOT work with Outlook Express.


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