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Folderscope 1.0



Folderscope is a free software utility for analyzing and reorganizing folders of any size. It is designed to work efficiently even with extremely large folders, and has been tested on a folder containing 800,000 files and 400 gigabytes of data.


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Files and subfolders can then be browsed and marked in a variety of ways. Marked files can be copied, moved or deleted all-at-once. All changes are added to a scrollable Pending Changes list for inspectation before being committed.


What is Folderscope used for?


Folderscope is a general-purpose folder and disk management tool. Some common tasks are...

  • Get a quick and complete overview of the hierachical structure and content of a new folder you have received.
  • Find the most recently modified files anywhere in a folder hierarchy of documents.
  • Find the files and folders taking up the most space on your hard drive, and move them to a different drive.
  • Find duplicate files (files with identical content) in your documents folder and delete them.
  • Reliably copy the entire content of one external hard drive to another.
  • Backup the files from your main hard drive to an external drive.
  • Search for files of a paticular name (or partial path) quickly in a big hierarchy of files.
  • Extract files of a particular type (for example image files) out of a hierarchy and move them to a different root folder.














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